Can AptDeco expedite the 2-6 week timeframe and/or guarantee pickup/delivery by a certain date?


We unfortunately do not have a way to expedite pickups/deliveries made by our white glove delivery partner at this time. However, most shipments occur between 2-4 weeks of the order date.

If your shipment has been assigned, please feel free to reach out directly to the carrier through the information provided in your pickup/delivery details email to inquire about the estimated completion of your shipment.

In the instance that you have not received a delivery details email, rest assured that once your order is booked by one of our delivery carriers, you’ll receive a tracking link with the estimated pickup/delivery dates and the carrier’s contact information. From there, you're more than welcome to reach out directly to the carrier to inquire about their timeline to complete this shipment.

If there is a specific window of availability that you have, please contact us at We can pass this information along to our delivery partners.

Both seller and buyer may also switch to self-pickup/coordinating through a third party. If you’ve discussed with one another and have agreed to the switch, please let us know and we can make the necessary adjustments on our end!