What happens if I decline a purchase request?


All sales are first-come, first-serve, so it's important to ensure that if your item is listed it's available. If you sell your item somewhere else or give your item away, please deactivate it from your account as soon as possible. This prevents a buyer from purchasing an item that isn't available and makes AptDeco a better experience for everyone! 

If you decline the purchase request to raise the price, unfortunately, we can't re-list your item. Sellers must edit the price of their item while it's listed. Once a buyer purchases an item, the price of the item is fixed.

If you decline a purchase request or miss your 36-hour window for confirmation, you'll receive an automated email telling you that your listings have temporarily been unpublished. Don't panic! Just let us know that your remaining items are still available and we'll reactivate!

Once a purchase request is submitted, we can't re-list these items without reaching out to the original buyer. If they're still interested in your piece, we'll reinstate the sale! If not, we'll reactivate the item for you.