My item is stored in AptDeco's storage facility. How does this work?


We’ve taken your item to the warehouse to resell on your behalf. This agreement is limited to 30 days, as we have very limited warehouse space and are not set up to operate as a consignment service.

What does this mean?

We’ll manage creating the listing, responding to potential buyers, and handling any scheduling once the item sells. By agreeing to our consignment agreement, we will also take over pricing for your item. In order to ensure the item only stays in our warehouse for 30 days, we have a pricing schedule that we’ll follow:

  • Week 1: Item is listed at full price (if the current price is above 60% off retail, we'll update the price accordingly. Since we have limited warehouse space, we try our best to get your item resold as quickly as possible. Our data shows that items listed at 60% off retail sell the fastest!)

  • Week 2: Item listed at 10% discount with 50% shipping coverage

  • Week 3: Item listed at 20% discount with 50% shipping coverage

  • Week 4: Item listed at 30% discount with full shipping coverage (when possible)

Once the item sells, we’ll refund you the amount the item sold for minus any shipping coverage.

We won’t charge any fees as consistent with our Money-Back Guarantee program.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell in 30 days?

If we reach Week 4 and your item hasn’t sold, you have the following options:

  • Redeliver the item to you or an alternate address for as little as $54

  • Connect you with a disassembly service or other contractor if the item was a fit issue

  • Pick up the item yourself from our Brooklyn warehouse

  • Dispose of the item (we’ll handle this part)

If we don’t hear from you within 48 hours of our team reaching out with your next steps, we will consider the item abandoned and take ownership of the item. It will no longer qualify for our Money-back Guarantee program.