I opted to pickup my item from the seller, but I bit off more than I can chew - can I switch?


We can make that switch! In order for us to make the necessary changes to your pickup, you will need to email us at hello@aptdeco.com.

However, we'll have to charge you a delivery fee since our delivery service will picking up/delivering this item on your behalf. We'll need your full address (apt number included) and if we are delivering the item via elevator or walkup/number of flights. We'll also need you to provide your phone number since our delivery team/white glove delivery partner will need to contact you regarding your delivery. 

If you and the seller are within our standard service zone, once we make the switch, you and the seller can select pickup/delivery dates!

If you and/or the seller are outside of our standard service zones, our white glove delivery partner will contact you to schedule your delivery. If you have any trouble contacting the carrier, please contact us at hello@aptdeco.com and we will be happy to connect you!