How do I know if an inquiry is legitimate?


Buyers and sellers are welcome to discuss questions regarding a listing through the messaging portion of our site. For your safety and protection, please abide by the following guidelines in order for your messages to be approved:

  • Please conduct all communications and financial transactions through the AptDeco platform. If you choose to take the conversation off our platform, you will no longer be protected by our policy.

  • Please do not share any personal information such as an address or phone number. If you attempt to share this information, your message will be rejected.

Below are signs you should look out for potential fraud:

  • A buyer or seller asks for your personal information any time during the process

    • All financial transactions are completed through the platform using AptDeco as a third party. A buyer or seller should never have your financial information at any time during the process.

    • Please note, for self-pickup, we do provide buyers with a seller’s approved contact information (phone number, address) once a transaction is complete. However, you should only provide your personal information through the platform entry forms and never directly to a buyer or seller.

  • A potential buyer or seller messages you asking to discuss the transaction off-platform

    • For your safety, transactions should never be taken off AptDeco. When this happens, the user may be trying to steal your financial information or make a fraudulent transaction. If this request is made by a potential buyer or seller, please report it. Any transactions taken off of AptDeco are not covered by our money back guarantee.

If you have any questions or concerns about a message, please reach out to our customer experience team at