Can AptDeco take care of extensive furniture disassembly?


If your furniture came into the apartment using a professional furniture disassembly company (e.g. Dr. Sofa), it will need to go out using a similar service. We cannot take apart sofas beyond removing legs and unclipping sectional pieces. Our delivery teams can only do minor furniture disassembly in order to remove items from your home.

Please keep in mind that a professional disassembly service will be required if your furniture requires extensive disassembly, which is not covered in our delivery rate.

Examples of more extensive disassembly (which we cannot do):

  • Removing arms of upholstered items (sofas, chairs, etc).

  • Removing nails or staples of wooden furniture

  • Disassembling sofa frame and removing upholstery

  • Removing an installed light fixture

If you’d still like to sell your furniture on AptDeco, we require sellers to cover the cost of the disassembly and to include this information in your listing's description so buyers are aware.