I'd like to report a problem with the site


Our engineering team is working hard to make sure AptDeco is always running smoothly. From time to time, however, some bugs may need to be squashed! We are constantly updating our website to ensure you have the best possible user experience.

If you believe you are experiencing a possible glitch, please write to us directly. It's important to provide us with the following info so we can report the issue to our engineering team to expedite the process.

  • What web browser are you using?

  • What device are you using?

  • Have you tried working around the issue? 

  • Screenshots of the inspection page (More directions listed below)*

  • Any other descriptions of the error.

As a work around, please consider the following before reporting the issue:

  1. Please use Google Chrome as your web browser. Our website functions best on this web browser.

  2. Please use a computer for testing if you have an actual error. Rest assured, you do not always have to use a computer but it will be useful in determining the source of the error.

  3. *Right click your computer screen, and click "Inspect." Then, click "Console." This will show us the language of the software. If there are any errors, red text will suddenly appear. Please screenshot your entire screen if any errors pop up.

  4. If you are still experiencing the error, we will be able to pinpoint the exact cause with your evidence!

Taking the time to do these steps will help us tremendously in getting this resolved for you ASAP.

Please email us at hello@aptdeco.com give feedback about how an AptDeco feature works or report a bug. We'll generally follow up with you within 2 - 3 hours during our business hours.